Both the Companies Act and the Listing Rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited place exacting requirements and responsibilities on public-listed companies. 

M & C Services has been providing share registration services for both public-listed and private companies for many years, having processed numerous applications for various Initial Public Offerings of shares and variations of secondary offerings.

  • Maintaining registers of members and warrantholders
  • Processing share transfers and exercise of warrants
  • Allotting shares and processing bonus and rights issues
  • Preparing share certificates and dividend warrants
  • Despatching annual reports, circulars and other ad hoc documents
  • Undertaking registration of shareholders and proxies attending annual general meetings and extraordinary general meetings
  • Attending to correspondence with shareholders
  • Liaising with the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited and The Central Depository (Pte) Ltd

M & C Services has both the technology and experience in handling share option schemes, thus preserving confidentiality and reducing the strain on a client's internal resources.

Services include processing grants and exercising options, maintaining proper records for annual reporting and assisting with disclosure requirements.

Clients outsourcing their share registration functions to M & C Services stand to benefit from a robust share registration system called the Share Registration Information System (SHARIS). SHARIS is a cost-effective and efficient computerized method of processing share transfers, saving clients from having to manage and maintain a share registration system of their own.

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